DALLAS (KDAF) — Pizza, there’s truly no better gameday or cheat meal that exists on this earth other than a beautiful doughy, saucy, cheesy pizza with toppings galore (or no toppings for you plain pizza lovers).

While it’s easy to go for the popular nationwide chains for a couple of pies and 2-liter for delivery, there’s something about local pizza parlors that hit the taste buds and stomachs differently.

That’s why we were excited to see Yelp’s report on the best pizza spots in the US and Canada included multiple spots from the Lone Star State.

“From the expertly charred crust, to the delightfully tangy tomato sauce, and the luxuriously creamy mozzarella cheese – every bite is a symphony of flavor. If you’re lucky, your “pizzaiolo” may even sprinkle your pie with a handful of freshly picked basil leaves. While this is the legend of how pizza began, it has evolved to encompass a variety of styles, shapes, sauces, and toppings,” the report said.

So, without further ado these are the top Texas spots that cracked into the top 100:

  • No. 16 Motor City Pizza – Lewisville
  • No. 28 Paparazzi Pizza – Carrollton
  • No. 30 Ashay’s Pizza – Houston
  • No. 33 Slice City Pizza – Fort Worth
  • No. 34 Pedroso’s Pizza – Austin
  • No. 90 Market Street Pizza – Austin