DALLAS (KDAF) — The debate will probably go on and on until the end of time, pancakes or waffles?

Well, today we’re taking the waffle’s side of things because it’s National Waffle Day on Wednesday, August 24! NationalToday says, “Waffles aren’t just for breakfast and dessert. Try a garlic and herb batter and use it in place of bread with an entree or as a sandwich.”

If you’re looking to find the best waffle in your state or more specifically in the state of Texas, you’re in luck. We checked out LoveFood’s report of the best waffle restaurant in every state and the Lone Star State’s representative is a tasty one.

It’s none other than Seabrook Waffle Company in Seabrook! The report says, “If you’re a fan of eggs Benedict, you’ve got to try the waffle version at Seabrook Waffle Company. Combining sweet and savoury, ham, crumbled bacon, a poached egg and hollandaise are piled on a sugary Liège waffle. You can swap the ham and bacon for a sausage patty if you like.”

The restaurant says it serves traditional liege waffles with some crazy delicious toppings. “Our waffles are made from a dough instead of your average waffle batter creating a denser waffle. We use pearl sugar incorporated into our dough that caramelizes and gives the waffle a sweet crunch!”

This spot has waffles, coffee, merchandise and it also serves as a Pokemon Go Gym and Pokestop!