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DALLAS (KDAF) — When you think about a diner you might think of simple, good, delicious, food with quality, homey service. There are also some fun names diners are called like lunch counters, snack bars, greasy spoons, hash house, and other fun ones.

The feel of a good diner is important and most everyone has a go-to greasy spoon where they live, but do you know where the best diner is in your home state? You can make all claims you want but this report from Love Food has made their choice of the best diner in Texas as well as the other states in the U.S.

The report says, “Every state has them: places to perch at the counter for a slice of pie and a bottomless cup of coffee, ‘new-school’ diners that take comfort food to new levels and retro places where you can slide into a booth and order a burger for breakfast.”

If you’re traveling around the Lone Star State, or simply just find yourself passing through Central Texas, then you might want to take a quick pit stop at the best diner in town and the state. Love Food says Phoebe’s Diner in the city of Austin is a must-visit.

“Customers rave about the tender brisket, cooked in a smoker and served with eggs for the ultimate breakfast. Everything’s beautifully prepared, from the fried chicken and grits to the tastiest biscuits in sausage gravy.”

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