DALLAS (KDAF) — Fast food breakfast is one of those things where people have unspoken favorites, Mcdonald’s, Burger King, Hardee’s, and others. Who knew a new brew would be birthed from a breakfast staple of one of these fast food joints?

If you frequent Hardee’s during their breakfast hours you more than likely dine on their biscuits quite frequently and now they’re partnering up with a Tennessee brewery to make a beer to honor its Made From Scratch Biscuits.

In honor of National Biscuit Month, Hardee’s and Nashville’s Southern Grist Brewing will be turning its biscuits into liquid gold. Picture this for your tastebuds, Strawberry Biscuit Ale.

“Infused with 200 pounds of savory biscuits that have been perfected for decades, this full-bodied, cream ale incorporates delicious hints of strawberry jam and buttermilk. With this epic launch by Southern Grist consumers can enjoy their Hardee’s Made from Scratch Biscuits all day long, whether indulging in their favorite breakfast menu items from Hardee’s in the morning or sipping Strawberry Biscuit Ale from Southern Grist anytime, day or night,” a press release explained.

You’ll have to travel to Nashville if you want to try it or get it shipped by Southern Grist in select markets to those 21 and older. “To find out where to taste the brew near you, head to www.strawberrybiscuitale.com and get them while they’re cold! Quantities are limited.”