New Twisted Tea Sweet Tea Whiskey is available in select states now.

DALLAS (KDAF) — When you’re in the South, a staple on a hot summer’s day or any day for that matter is sweet tea. Another popular drink southerners love with all of their heart is whiskey.

Now picture this, whiskey sweet tea, can you see it? Just look to the right of this text and you can. Twisted Tea has partnered up with Beam Suntory to shake up the spirits world with a limited release of Twisted Tea Sweet Tea Whiskey.

A press release says the limited edition spirit will launch Texas, and military outlets among other states like Massachusetts, Rhode Island, Ohio, and Missouri.

Here’s a description of the Twisted Tea Sweet Tea Whiskey, “Twisted Tea Whiskey is made with real brewed tea and inspired by the brand’s flagship product, Twisted Tea Hard Iced Tea Original flavor. The new Sweet Tea Whiskey packs the classic sweet tea taste balanced with real, well-rounded whiskey for a deliciously smooth blend of oak and bright lemon. It’s perfect on its own or as an addition to a cocktail and is available in 50mL, 750mL and 1L bottles. The Sweet Tea Whiskey has an ABV of 32.5% ABV / 65 proof.”

To find out more about this refreshing release, click here.