DALLAS (KDAF) — For the past few years, hard seltzers have been dominating the game with Truly and White Claw being the go-to drink options.

Texans have been wondering whether Tito’s, most famously known for their vodka line, will be joining the seltzer game and the brand has answered. Unfortunately, the answer is no, but they did release a new tumbler for you to hold your alcoholic beverages, and it looks like a hard seltzer can.

It’s all about finding the silver linings.

“Now, you can make your own, better seltzers with smooth Tito’s Handmade Vodka and enjoy them at all the places you like can-drinking. You know, that are legal,” officials said on their website.

Tito’s in a Can Seltzer is a 16-ounce double-insulated stainless steel Igloo can tumbler to ‘keep your colds cold and your hots hot (if that’s how you take your vodka”.

The tumble is now available for purchase at their website.