DALLAS (KDAF) – An outing with your friends or even if you’re flying solo at a Mexican restaurant getting a basket of chips with some salsa or queso is an absolute must.

Sunday, January 29 was National Corn Chip Day and it’s always a good time when chips are paired up with a dip of any kind. “It is crispy, crunchy, and made out of cornmeal. The chips are extremely spiced with salt flavor and packed in the bag for longer life. Corn chips can either be eaten alone or with different dips at any time. They’re tasty, they’re yummy, they’re crunchy and they’re called corn chips,” National Today said.

So, where can you find the best chips and dip in Texas? Nonother than a Mexican restaurant of course! Food Network released a report on the 50 States of Dip and Texas pick involves chips and queso.

“In Texas, chile con queso, a spicy molten cheese dip known simply as queso, is a Tex-Mex staple that shows up seemingly everywhere, including restaurant menus, potlucks and family gatherings,” the report said.

You can find the best queso over at Molina’s Cantina in Houston where its chile con queso was upgraded by a former waiter who put taco meat with queso to create, The Original Jose’s Dip.

“The dip became so beloved that diners asked for José’s Dip even when he wasn’t working; it remains a menu staple and fan-favorite today. The dip stars Velveeta — prized for its smooth meltability — as well as a spice blend that’s so secret you can’t even marry into it, and a hefty scoop of zesty ground beef taco filling bolstered with crushed garlic, cumin and cayenne.

“It’s accompanied by fresh tortilla chips, three house-made salsas and a bowl of carrot escabeche,” Food Network explained.