DALLAS (KDAF) — Saturday, July 9, is National Don’t Put All Your Eggs in One Omelet Day, and if you didn’t know about this holiday, same.

According to NationalToday.com, the first-ever recorded omelet recipe dates back to 1784, appearing in the “Cuisine Bourgeoise.”

“… but the most compelling myth about the origin of omelets comes from the Napoleonic era of the 1800s. The famous French military commander Napoleon Bonaparte traveled through a small town and stayed at a modest inn. The innkeeper reportedly served Bonaparte an omelet, and he was so impressed with the dish that he ordered all the eggs in town to make a giant omelet for his troops the next day,” as stated on NationalToday’s website.

To celebrate this very specific holiday, here is Tripadvisor’s list of the best places to get an omelet in Dallas.

  • Maple Leaf Diner
  • CBD Provisions
  • Original Market Diner
  • Bread Winners Cafe
  • Cindi’s NY Deli & Restaurant
  • Texas Spice
  • Kozy
  • Luckys Cafe
  • Ellen’s
  • The Original Pancake House

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