DALLAS (KDAF) — Here is a birthday worth celebrating: popular canned pork brand SPAM turns 85 today.

The popular meat option was introduced to the world on July 5, 1937, and quickly rose in popularity after being used in World War II. More than 100 million pounds of SPAM were shipped to feed the allies.

Everyone has an opinion on it. Whether you absolutely hate it or love it, you can’t deny its cultural significance. I mean, who didn’t want to eat some SPAM after watching 50 First Dates.

It can be used in virtually any dish, including tacos, breakfast, and musubi, which explains its cultural impact. Even in the year 2022, SPAM is still a staple in modern cuisine.

  • More than 9 billion units of SPAM were sold this year alone.
  • 12.8 cans of SPAM are consumed every second.

So, do you like SPAM? Do you think it is a delicious meat option? Or do you think canned meat is gross?