DALLAS (KDAF) — Dallas and even Texas as a whole are home to cuisines from around the globe, no continent is untouched in terms of finding a restaurant with a cuisine specific to it being represented in the Lone Star State.

A certain Dallas restaurant is being recognized by Food & Wine for being the top spot in the entire state to eat Filipino food. The publication says, “In every corner of the nation, Filipinos are cooking and feasting, sometimes operating a lone food cart hundreds of miles from the nearest Filipino community, other times opening multiple businesses side-by-side, with a community of owners and kusineros supporting one another and their offspring through commerce and cuisine.”

In Texas, Dallas’ own Ulam Dallas has been recognized for chef Anna Swan’s monthly pop-up featuring her favorite dish, Tipsy Pancit by Food & Wine. The article touts, “Pancits are meant to be quick and easy, but Tipsy Pancit starts at least three days prior, when she starts curing yolks in patis controlling the amorphous blob into something else entirely in flavor and texture.”

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Here’s a tidbit about chef Anna from Ullam Dallas’ website, “Chef Anna is a second generation Filipino American born and raised in the San Francisco Bay Area. She moved to Texas in 2006 for school, but let’s be real, it was for love (…now that’s a story for another day). Upon moving to Texas, she yearned for those Filipino flavors she grew up eating. After many emails with her dad, mom and aunties trying her hand at different recipes, relying on taste – she knew she got it right when it tasted like home.”

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