DALLAS (KDAF) — September is well underway at this point but that doesn’t mean you can’t start celebrating Sourdough September a little late!

NationalToday says, “Baking sourdough is a metaphor for life, really. The best things need time, love, and patience. The aim for this month is simple: to encourage people to buy genuine sourdough bread. Or better still, make sourdough bread at home.”

Now if you aren’t privy to making your own sourdough at home, you know we’ve got your back, this time in the form of a report from Food & Wine. Earlier in the year, they released a list of the best bread in every state across the U.S.

For Texas, three bakeries got shoutouts from the publication one in Austin, Dallas, and Houston. “Bread in the Lone Star State has come very far in not very much time at all, which is to say that 2018 already feels like ages ago.”

  • Austin’s ThoroughBread
  • Dallas’ Kuluntu Bakery
  • Houston’s Magnol French Baking

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