DALLAS (KDAF) — When you think of meat you’re probably thinking of steaks, burgers, and other such items, and while these are staples and important, barbecued meats rule the world of America and especially Texas.

It’s time to focus on the meats as the new year brings a new mentality and another holiday or month rather as January is National Meat Month! “Get your friends together and have a cookout to celebrate all things meat. Get everyone to bring along their favorite cuts and sides, and you will have an incredible feast to celebrate with,” National Today said.

With that, it’s important to know where the best spots for barbecue are in this crazy world of ours, and who better to trust than the prestigious Food Network? They released their report on the 50 states of barbecue and Texas’ pick is arguably king.

“While Southerners have been smoking livestock since the Colonial days, barbecue has spread well beyond the Mason-Dixon line to states as far afield as Alaska and Hawaii,” Food Network said.

Whenever you’re traveling the Lone Star State you can stop in almost any town and find some high-quality BBQ but there are obviously some spots that are heads above the rest and Austin’s Franklin Barbecue is one of them.

“Anticipate a wait for a taste of Aaron Franklin’s acclaimed brisket. The line at his eponymous Franklin Barbecue usually takes a minimum of three hours to reach the counter — sometimes as long as five,” the report said. “Every day, 2,000 pounds of meat (including ribs, pulled pork, turkey and sausage) are indirectly cooked with post oak. Franklin, a total perfectionist, is considered to make the best smoked brisket in the world, going through 20,000 hunks of beef per month.”