DALLAS (KDAF) — Enjoying a cocktail with your friends and family is always a recipe for a good or wild time, sometimes both. Whether you’re a fan of a cocktail on the rocks or frozen, if you’re out and about you’re certain to find a tasty beverage.

A cocktail that’s normally heavily desired is the ever-so-tasty Sangria and it can be enjoyed frozen or not, especially on Tuesday, December 20, which is National Sangria Day!

“The Spanish have spiked the punch and we’re definitely here for it. Whether you prefer it red or white, a nice chilled Sangria is no doubt refreshing, and instantly transports you to the sandy beaches of Spain in the Summer,” National Today said.

A report from everyone’s favorite, Food Network checked out the best frozen drink in every state across the country and you might be surprised the top pick of Texas isn’t a pitcher of frozen margarita. It’s the rose win slushie from Austin’s Infinite Monkey Theorem!

“Ben Parsons, founder of and winemaker at this urban winery and bar, created a fun twist on the convenience-store favorite. One of IMT’s wines — from rosé to syrah to merlot — is mixed with ice and simple syrup. The trick to the tipple is to get the wine’s residual sugar high enough to freeze without compromising flavor. Oenophiles and slushy fans agree: This is one tasty treat,” the report said.