DALLAS (KDAF) — The state of Texas has no shortage of incredible eateries from the juiciest steaks in the world to the best-smoked barbecue and the perfectly seasoned tacos to get your food fix on every day of the year, but there’s a donut shop that is in contention for the best in the world.

Pay attention, because it’s about to get donut-wholly in this story. There’s no secret that donuts are some of the best sweet treats ever and that rings true as a report from Taste Atlas has them ranked as the 96th-best pastry in the world.

“Although archaeologists had found some petrified remains of fried cakes with holes in the center, it is still unclear how could the early Native Americans prepare these delicious fried dough desserts that we know today as doughnuts. In the past, doughnuts were known as olykoeks (oily cakes), and the pilgrims from Holland are credited for bringing them to the United States,” the report said.

So, if they’re among the best in the world, what shops should you be visiting for the best results available? If you’re in Texas, you won’t have to travel far as the 13th-ranked donut shop in the world is in Longhorn country.

Food experts say that Gourdough’s in Austin is a heavy contender in the world of donuts. Go over to Austin and get you a big fat donut.