DALLAS (KDAF) — Ice cream is one of those treats that truly has no rival, so much so that it’s really in its own category, but there are fast food joints across America that do bring the rivalry when it comes to cones, cups, milkshakes and more.

“Sorry our ice cream machine is broken right now,” said you know who. Tisk tisk.

Anyways, it’s a joyous occasion on Friday, November 11 as it is National Sundae Day! “You can visit a fun local ice cream shop or simply whip one up at home. It’s a treat either way. Of course anything ice cream-related seems to brighten things up, but this one’s especially enjoyable,” NationalToday said.

We wanted to get to the bottom of the argument, who’s got the best ice cream among fast food chains, so, we checked out a report from the experts.

Here’s a look at the fast food chains with the best ice cream, according to Restaurant Clicks:

  1. Dairy Queen
  2. Chick-fil-A
  3. Burger King
  4. McDonald’s
  5. Culver’s
  6. Wendy’s
  7. Baskin-Robbins
  8. Cold Stone
  9. Shake Shack
  10. Sonic Drive-In
  11. In-N-Out

The report from Restaurant Clicks said, “Do you remember grabbing a delicious ice cream cone at your local fast food restaurant throughout your childhood? If so, you will love licking a tasty cone once you’ve picked out the best fast food ice cream from your favorite restaurant.”