DALLAS (KDAF) — Dessert, it’s one of everyone’s favorite food pleasures whether you’re dieting or not and cake is among the best desserts ever created and it’s been around for centuries.

It’s getting cakey and crumbly this weekend as we celebrate Saturday, March 4 being National Pound Cake Day, “National Pound Cake Day is observed annually on March 4 to celebrate the long history of pound cakes and encourage everyone to put their baking hats on and make them for their loved ones. Pound cakes refer to the type of cake traditionally made with one pound each of four ingredients: butter, eggs, flour, and sugar,” National Today said.

So, what better way to celebrate than getting the best cake you possibly can? That’s why we checked out a report from Love Food on the best cake shop in every state and Texas’ representative can be found in the great city of Houston.

Introducing, Red Dessert Dive:

“After a slice of cake in Houston? Red Dessert Dive has the most bright and beautiful offerings, with past options including Passionfruit Cake (with guava buttercream), Blackberry Pie (cinnamon vanilla cake with blackberry buttercream) and Margarita Lime Cake. The flavors change daily, but you can be sure that whatever they have will be scrumptious,” Love Food wrote.