DALLAS (KDAF) — Food allergies and sensitivities are on top of mind when going out to eat and even if you’re eating a certain diet avoiding certain foods and food types is important.

Finding delicious alternatives to these allergies, sensitivities and dietary choices could be difficult at times, especially when dealing with gluten. That’s why LawnStarter ranked the Best Cities in 2022 for Gluten-Free food.

At some or no surprise at all the Lone Star State was well represented in the top 100 of this list. The publication said, “We looked for cities with highly rated gluten-free dining options, strong local demand, and a supportive community. We also rewarded bonus points for easy access to allergy specialists.”

Before we dive into the Texas representation, here are the 10 best cities in America for gluten-free food:

  1. New York
  2. San Francisco
  3. Miami
  4. Boston
  5. Washington DC
  6. Portland
  7. Chicago
  8. Orlando
  9. Las Vegas
  10. Seattle

Texas has representation from all over the state as nine cities cracked the top 100 cities for gluten-free food:

  • Pasadena (No. 22)
  • Austin (No. 29)
  • Dallas (No. 30)
  • Houston (No. 35)
  • McKinney (No. 61)
  • Laredo (No. 71)
  • McAllen (No. 74)
  • Brownsville (No. 75)
  • Plano (No. 87)

Just outside the top 100 were San Antonio (112), Frisco (120), Garland (130) and Fort Worth (133).

LawnStarter said, “Size isn’t an excuse for a populous city like San Antonio (No. 112), which fared poorly in every metric apart from Demand and Community. Similarly, Los Angeles (No. 26) failed to meet the big Demand (No. 2) present in their big city. Aspiring chefs looking to craft allergy-friendly menus should look into the business prospects of these metros.”