DALLAS (KDAF) — If you are out for an evening meal at rye in Dallas, you will find a separate line item on your check.

Officials from rye have announced on their website that they will now be adding a 3% charge to every check to fund its new Employee Benefit Fund.

They say this fund will finance new benefits the company is offering to employees, which include:

  • Employer-backed health insurance
  • Family leave
  • Paid time off for full-time employees
  • Professional development

“Creating these benefits is expensive and other restaurants which provide them often add fees of 5% or more to support them. While 3% will not cover the full cost of the benefits we have committed to, we have decided to begin applying that amount to every check company wide. It is not a gratuity and will show up on checks as a separate line item,” as their website states.

For more information on their new employee benefits, click here.