DALLAS (KDAF) — What-a-shock this might be for those getting fast food in the Lone Star State as Texas’ most searched chain stays true to home while a majority of the country remains obsessed with Chick-fil-A.

While 27 of 50 states are searching for Chick-fil-A the most, according to research done by My Telescope, Texas remains focused in-house as Whataburger keeps its throne. My Telescope said, “Regional chains like Wisconsin-based Culver’s and Texas-headquartered Whataburger were the top results in their respective states, as well as many neighboring states in the region, over other nationally-recognized chains.”

“Share of search measures search data combined with sentiment analysis to give a more accurate measurement of consumer and business purchasing intent and demand,” said Rodrigo Graviz, CEO of My Telescope. “Data can be geo-fenced by state or country to give an accurate look into what people in the area are searching for. When combined with specific keywords, Share of Search data can give valuable insights on what people are going to do, what they think, how they feel, and what they’re going to buy.”

Map of Most Popular Fast Food Locations By State (My Telescope)

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