DALLAS (KDAF) — If you love food, then you’re probably aware of the insane popularity that Mexican cuisine has in the U.S. and fish tacos are a staple in so many restaurants around the country.

We’re shouting to the heavens in celebration of National Fish Taco Day which was on Wednesday, January 25! “National Fish Taco Day is annually celebrated on January 25, and we are getting prepped to enjoy all the yummy goodness they offer.

“Tacos are the Mexican version of a sandwich, made with a tortilla to wrap it. The idea of putting fish in a taco was once unusual outside of San Diego in the U.S.,” National Today said.

So, where can you find the best fish tacos in all the land? Well, we checked out a report from Mashed on the best fish taco spots to dine at, and of course, Texas is represented.

“Veracruz All Natural’s tacos are one of the few grilled fish tacos to make this list. It’s hard to compete with the breaded crunch of fried fish, but Veracruz — which has 6 locations throughout Texas — has managed to make the nearly impossible happen.

“These tacos are grilled tilapia and topped with cabbage, mango pico de gallo, Monterey jack cheese, avocado, and a side of chipotle mayo salsa. Toppings are a crucial component of tacos, but Veracruz All Natural is able to pack tons of flavor and freshness right into the tilapia, which is a skill in its own right,” the report said.

You can find and enjoy authentic Mexican food at these Veracruz All Natural locations:

  • Tarrytown
  • East Austin
  • Line Hotel
  • Mueller
  • South Austin
  • Round Rock