DALLAS (KDAF) — The new year is here and that means folks all over the country are doing their best to celebrate Dry January and steering clear of consuming alcohol.

While we all know that Sonic is an easy go-to for good drinks, there are some incredible sit-down options all over the U.S. that will leave you satisfied. We checked out Yelp’s report on the top spots across the country to celebrate Dry January, giving us a look at the top mocktails you can get your taste buds on.

“Whether you’re sober-curious or shifting your sights towards new habits, swap in some tasty alternative beverages with this list of top spots for booze-free options,” the report said.

For Texas’ top spot, you’ll have to head to the Central Texas city of Austin and order some food and drinks at Laundrette. This spot is open for dinner, brunch and lunch on Fridays in the Holly neighborhood of Austin and its menu features flavors from chef-owner Rene Ortiz.