DALLAS (KDAF) — Well, as if Wednesday, July 6 wasn’t special enough as being Luka Doncic Day in Dallas County it’s also National Fried Chicken Day! Star Wars is getting in on the fun on social media.

On Twitter, one of the largest movie franchises the world has ever seen shared a delicious fried chicken recipe from a galaxy far far away, “Celebrate National Fried Chicken Day with this specialty from the planet Ord, crispy Mynock Wings. Tastes like chicken! (Because it is.)”

Turn back time to 2016, Jenn Fujikawa wrote up an article about Star Wars’ Mynock Wings recipe which is “…a delicacy previously only found inside space slugs.”

“Marinated, seasoned, and fried to a golden brown, there’s no denying that these Mynock Wings make for some of the tastiest appetizers in the galaxy.” Check out the full recipe and more by clicking here.