DALLAS (KDAF) — Eating challenges are popular across the world and especially in the United States. Can you eat this seven-pound burrito or this larger-than-life pizza in 30 minutes? You know the vibes.

Lately, however, spicy food challenges are king and ever-so-popular videos on social media as time and time again people overestimate their skills and fall victim to the heat. Texas’ own Pluckers Wing Bar hasn’t shyed away from challenging their patrons to eat 25 Fire in the Hole wings for a shot at their Wall of Flame.

However, the challenge has been ramped up. “Many would say that the spice alone was hard enough, but Pluckers decides to amp up the heat by making the challenge timed,” Pluckers said.

For your shot at spicy chicken wing glory you must chow down on the Fire in the Hole wings in 15 minutes, “Now guests can have their 15 minutes of “flame” by eating 15 Fire in the Hole Wings… in under 15 minutes.”

Here’s what you can expect if you end up withstanding this challenge, “If you succeed, you’ll get one of our new Wall of Flame Member t-shirts. If you fail, you go home empty-handed except for a scorched mouth and bruised ego.”