DALLAS (KDAF) — Read this closely and use your imagination to cook this incredible dessert in your mind, thinly rolled out dough, apples, sugar and an assortment of spices with a side of coffee.

Yes, it’s apple strudel time! Friday, June 17 is National Apple Strudel Day, and we want to know, when’s the last time you’ve had yourself a high-quality apple strudel? Apples go great with pies, ice cream, and cobbler, but none of those can truly mimic the greatness that the strudel brings to the apple dessert table.

NationalToday says, “The world-famous dish is enjoyed as both a breakfast item as well as a dessert at night. It is also paired with coffee and tea for evening snack time. It can be accompanied by a generous dollop of whipping cream or a dusting of icing sugar/cinnamon. While ‘Apfelstrudel,’ as it is called in Austrian, is a sweet dish, it can also be savory when the apple is replaced with spinach, cabbage, or other vegetables and herbs.”

Now, for the main event, here’s a look at the top spots in Dallas where you can grab some delicious apple strudel according to Yelp:

  • Henk’s European Deli & Black Forest Bakery – Lake Highlands
  • Ogi’s European Bakery & Deli
  • Bavarian Grill
  • Jorg’s Cafe Vienna
  • BreadHaus
  • Kuby’s Sausage House
  • Emporium Pies – Bishop Arts District
  • 9 Rabbits Bakery – North Dallas
  • Maria’s Bakery
  • Cafe de France – North Dallas