DALLAS (KDAF) — Everyone loves sugar and has an occasional or very frequent sweet tooth. Honey is something that can go with absolutely anything and make it better. It’s just how it is.

There’s no better time to discuss the versatility of honey than September which is National Honey Month!

So, why do you need to go out to get some honey? Well, NationalToday says these are some of the best honey-themed desserts you can go out to get or whip up at home, “Baklava, flan, cupcakes, and ice cream. All of these sweet treats spectacularly lend themselves to becoming delicious honey-flavored desserts. There are a ton of excellent recipes out there for honey desserts, so the possibilities here are endless.”

We checked out Yelp’s list of the best spots in and around Dallas to get local and raw honey!

  • Texas Honeybee Guild – Lakewood
  • Dallas Farmers Market – Downtown
  • Lavon Farms
  • Lucky Layla Farms
  • Sprouts Farmers Market – Lower Greenville
  • Stocks & Bondy – Lower Greenville
  • Georgia’s Farmers’ Market
  • Nottingham Bees – Grand Prarie
  • Ruibal’s Rosemeade Market
  • The Market at Bonton Farms – South Dallas
  • White Rock Local Market – Lakewood
  • Diwa Kitchen Co – South Dallas
  • Farmers Market of Grapevine
  • Whole Foods Market
  • World Food Warehouse