DALLAS (KDAF) — Pastries are an easy way to just about anyone’s heart and if you add some fruit whether it be berries, bananas, apples or whatever it may be, you’re just adding some more food-loving-fuel to the fire.

What a better time to talk about fruit and pastries than Tuesday, July 5 National Apple Turnover Day! NationalToday says, “Apple turnovers are one of the most popular pie recipes out there. Their sweet and tangy flavor mixed with spices like cinnamon and nutmeg makes for a great treat to have during any time of the day. Apples remain in season throughout the year, so you can always get the freshest or the tastiest bunch for creating your version of the pie. The recipe is not only much easier to make than a traditional pie, but it is also easier to have it on the go. Fun fact: apple turnovers (or turnovers, in general) are known as portable pies.”

To help you out with the celebration and your tastes buds, here are the best spots around Dallas to eat apple turnovers according to Yelp:

  • Stein’s Bakery – North Dallas
  • Zaguan Latin Cafe and Bakery – Oak Lawn
  • Tango Empanadas & Bakery
  • Reverie Bakeshop – North Dallas
  • Bisous Bisous Patisserie – Uptown
  • Cremcrittos
  • San Martin Bakery & Restaurant – Uptown
  • Inwood Donut – North Dallas
  • Anakaren Bakery
  • Mustang Donuts