DALLAS (KDAF) — Everyone loves a good cup of coffee, whether it’s to get your day started or get you through the afternoon to push to the end of the work day. If you’re looking for a good latte, macchiato, or just a cup of black coffee, there’s no shortage of amazing coffee shops in the country.

But there are a few in the country that are beans and all above the rest, but where can you find them? We checked out a report from Trips to Discover on the top 25 best coffee shops in the US to find out, and wouldn’t you believe Texas is known for its tacos, BBQ, and coffee?

The report said, “Coffee is more than just a morning pick-me-up for many Americans; it’s a way of life. And, as the new year kicks off, you’ll definitely need a strong mug or two to keep you motivated when it comes to ticking off all of those New Year’s resolutions!”

The first shop from the Lone Star State recognized on the list is Austin’s Cuvee; it is known as a pioneer of specialty coffee in Texas and has kept that title close to its heart, according to the report.

The second is Dallas’ own Magnolias Sous Le Pont, “Magnolias Sous Le Pont takes the crown as our top spot with its beautiful teal blue, French-inspired decor and delicate ingredients to match. As well as all of the standard offerings you’d expect from a coffee shop, you’ll find lattes flavored with the likes of lavender, rose, elderflower and vanilla,” the report said.