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September is Leukemia Awareness Month, and the non-profit Leukemia Texas is on the front lines of the fight and a one-of-a-kind organization in the state. For one, the funds raised for leukemia in Texas stay in Texas. The funds are used to support people in Texas with Leukemia and to provide research grants for Texas hospitals.

During the current pandemic, that support is more vital than ever to patients fighting leukemia. Even outside of a global pandemic, cancer patients have to be extremely careful with their health.

“One patient simply said ‘we were already socially distancing, we just didn’t know it.” says Mandy Flaming of Leukemia of Texas.

COVID means something entirely different for leukemia patients than the rest of is. Cancer treatment often compromises people’s immune systems, making them high risk during the pandemic.

Flaming says “they’ve had to isolate, go to appointments alone where they can’t take their family members with them. I think they are feeling just a little bit more removed from those that they care about. A lot of them have lost their jobs or on kind of a fixed income.”

Shes says the struggles we face are multiplied for leukemia patients people.

For one patient, Sarah Turner, the challenge actually strengthened a bond with her sister. During a 34 days hospital stay, her sister was allowed to stay with her.

“We were both relying on each other I think, because it was probably just as difficult for her watching me go through it as it was for me to go through it myself” says Turner.

Leukemia Texas is a valuable resource for Turner, as it is for so many other patients in Texas. To find out how you can support them, visit