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DALLAS, Texas (KDAF) — Usually when you hear about a production going from stage to screen, it’s a play making it’s movie debut. Theatre Three in Dallas is changing that concept a bit as they take their entire, well, stage to the screen. The streaming screen, specifically.

Theaters across the nation and in North Texas are trying to find ways to keep engaging communities with their actors and stages. Theatre Three has brought together a socially-distanced crew with actors, playing their part alone in front of a green screen, to put on a unique version of the play, The Immigrant.

Jeffrey Schmidt, Theatre Three’s Artistic Director, says the idea was actually fueled by time he spent with legendary director Francis Ford Coppola and a concept he calls live cinema. Live cinema is a hybrid of film and theater.

While this was an adaptation to operating a theater during a pandemic and knowing it was going to be with us a while, Schmidt says it’s something they want to continue.

“One of the exciting discoveries with this, while we really want to get back to producing live theater like we were meant to do,” he says, “I’m convinced now, moving forward we’re always going to have a digital option like this because it allows us to reach people we normally can’t reach.”

By going digital, Theatre Three can get in front of people that may have never gone to a theater production otherwise.

Attendees can ‘go to’ the play by going to and buying a ticket. Just like going to the theater, you’ll get a ticket for a specific time.

The play runs until the end of June. Tickets are only $15.