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DALLAS, Texas (KDAF) — In a world (cue movie trailer voice) where you can’t even go see your grandma for fear of you know, transmitting a potentially deadly virus, how are you supposed to date?

Here in Dallas we’ve got a direct line to folks who kind of do this for a living, given has it’s HQ here. We spoke with Rachel DeAlto, Chief Dating Expert with about how the COVID-19 pandemic has changed dating.

The big trend, DeAlto says, is video dating. She says before the pandemic only 6% of daters were willing to get on video before a date. At the enf of April, their poll showed 70% would go the video route.

“People are really realizing that there’s benefit to getting to see each other, not in the 3D, but at least in 2D before meeting in person” DeAlto says.

She also tells us that the company has seen an influx of new people coming to the site, given cramming yourself into a packed bar really isn’t the best option right now (and if you’re looking for love in a bar, maybe reevaluate some things…)

Another thing video dating might change is the bit of, let’s say discrepancy, between profile photo and real life. Because lets face it, unless you’re using some pro-lighting, video chat isn’t flattering to begin with.