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CARROLLTON, Texas (KDAF) — Carrollton-based BuzzBallz has a unique concept – balls filled ready-made cocktails with a pop-top. But they’re also unique in how they’re handling the virtual learning needs of their employee’s kids. This makes sense when realizing CEO Merrilee Kick was a former teacher at Plano West.

Knowing her employees, just like so many parents, will be struggling to find solutions for both working and having their kids learning virtually at home, the company created what they’re calling a ‘nest’ in a conference room. Here they set up areas where employee’s kids can come and learn virtually.

Kick says that if anyone is looking to set up something similar or propose the setup at their work, safety needs to be considered first. Each child has their temperature taken each day.

When the kids come in and get to work, they log in to their specific school and work. Two tutors are provided by the company to help with learning and also ensure things like hand washing, sanitization is being taken care of.