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There are very few activities you can do these days that are pandemic-proof but if you want to get away, camp in style and literally be distant from everyone – have you thought about a trailer park?

Sounds super glamorous, right? Well it should be!…if you decided to camp at The Range Vintage Trailer Resort. The resort is all the way out in Bristol, Texas (you have to literally get away for a getaway, right?) and there’s a trailer for everyone.

Owners Sarah and Paul spent a four years on this project and it took a bit of convincing before they could get a bank to believe in them. Unfortunately their grand opening was in the year of the Coronavirus but fortunately for them…their plans and concept for the resort was already COVID-proof before COVID was even a thing.

“When you come here, it’s contactless. You can stay in your car and not get out of it. I will greet you and jump in my golf cart and take you straight to your trailer.” Sarah says she has a lot of guests already come back a few times. The guests have coined the term “Repeaters” because they keep coming back.

There’s plenty of space between each trailer and you’re mostly outside so there’s not better ventilation than nature! You’ll get everything you need from these trailers and if you don’t or can’t figure out how to work a certain thing (like me who can’t start a campfire or a grill to save my life) then Sarah and Paul are a text away.

So if you don’t have all the accessories for camping (or even if you do!) then camp in style at The Range Vintage Trailer Resort. There’s also free WiFi…just saying.