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Have you scrolled through your Netflix lately and come across the series Pose? It highlights a group of women trying to navigate New York City in the 80s and 90s…with the added layer of being trans black women.

Robyn “Pocahontas” Crowe is all too familiar with that struggle. Black trans women are the most marginalized in the country and even the most marginalized within the LGBTQ community. “Black trans women done been traumatized. We’ve been kicked out of the gayborhood, we’ve been kicked out of the gay community…we’ve been kicked out of everywhere.”

Pocahontas has known from the early age of four that she was different than all the other boys. Knowing she was a woman trapped in a man’s body opened her up to a lot of bullying growing up.

“I hid who I felt I was on the inside away from the world.”

And within the black community – gay is already quite a taboo topic but adding the layer of trans to the equation…

“Being a gay many is more acceptable than being a trans woman but to be gay and then come behind and be someone thinking you’re a woman too…that’s not acceptable within our household.”

Pocahontas fell into hard times with drugs, sex work, and being in abusive relationships. Navigating life was hard for her but she had an epiphany. “Hey Pocahontas…you’re not living right. It’s time to change, you gotta do something different.”

So she started the House of Rebirth – where she’s mother to all the black women cast out of society for being trans. Pocahontas was able to turn her trials and tribulation around to helping black trans women. Hoping that they never have to go through what she had to.