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DALLAS, TX (KDAF)- You may know Chris Beckman from the the early 2000’s reality tv show, The Real World: Chicago. Beckman is known for more than his appearance on the show, but as the author of his book, Clean: A New Generation in Recovery Speaks Out.

In Beckman’s book, he talks about his battle through addiction and his journey through recovery.

During this time of quarantine and social distancing, Beckman explains how it can be a struggle for people facing anxiety or coping with battling an addiction.

“Being isolated with any addiction is really an incubator to have the disease of addiction take over, so these tools that we have now with Zoom and Skype help people connect. One thing that’s really significant is the amount of people that are struggling and not able to communicate or speak with their friends or loved ones.” Beckman explains.

Struggles with mental health have been a widespread conundrum for many people as they are having to be alone more often and not socially interact.

“What I have learned throughout my years of recovery is that we have this moment, and all we have is really right now. If I can stay sober right now, I can be okay with the future or the past that I can’t let go of.” Chris expresses.

Different outlets for battling these mental strifes can be anything that brings you peace and acts as a distraction.

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