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Take 33: Serial entrepreneur Brandon Miller shares the essentials of branding businesses

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DALLAS – What if, instead of getting eye-rolls after asking a businessperson to “pick your brain” for business tips, there was a guide created to help with your brand? Brandon E. Miller, a serial entrepreneur co-owning and founding multiple businesses and nonprofits, has created that blueprint, giving creatives and entrepreneurs branding essentials.

Brandon started his entrepreneurial journey as a sophomore in college after launching a graphic design company in Atlanta. He quickly learned that he didn’t have the resources or mentors to help build his brand, especially as a black student-entrepreneur.

This realization birthed The Black Burdell, his first nonprofit with the mission to “support, promote and cultivate black-owned businesses” in Atlanta.

“I started to realize how hard it was being an entrepreneur,” Brandon said, “especially a student-entrepreneur who was black… that’s what led me and my co-founders to start The Black Burdell… so we’re providing that community, we’re providing resources, we’re educating young and aspiring entrepreneurs on how to start their business to be what I didn’t have when I started my first one.”

Along with The Black Burdell, Brandon has co-founded the Too Fly Foundation, an organization that raises money for students to obtain their passports and send them abroad.

But, his work doesn’t stop there! Being a seasoned entrepreneur, he’s constantly asked what are best practices to start or enhance a brand. Well, he’s got the answers. Brandon created a book, or a blueprint, for aspiring entrepreneurs.

Brand. U! is a workbook that helps people “dig deep into multiple topics that relate directly to identifying your passions, understanding yourself, growing your brand, and expanding your influence.”

Brandon doesn’t believe in doing or creating something just to follow the millennial status quo.

“Being a millennial, everybody wants to own something, everybody wants a brand, everybody wants a business, blog, something,” Brandon said. “We waste a lot of our time trying to figure stuff out and try to do stuff just because it’s the cool thing to do.”

That’s why he follows his tagline, “Be Passionate. Be Relentless. Be Great.”

“‘Be Passionate’ meaning, find what you’re really passionate about, what your purpose is… ‘Be Relentless’ meaning go all in on that, let’s not waste our time doing this, that and the other just because we think it’s cool. Let’s hone in on what we’re passionate about. And to me, that’s what being great is.”

Be Great. Another brand Brandon co-created that tells the “stories of those who are embracing greatness, enjoying great moments and are relentlessly pursuing their passions”… while doing it in style.

There’s no doubt, Brandon is continuously creating successful brands, crediting some of his success to social media.

“I think social media is definitely going to be the key to entrepreneurship, especially with our generation,” he said. “If you see my Instagram page, I’m usually trying to do something different, put out different types of content, videos and get pretty creative with my captions just to differentiate myself from other people who are using it.”

Brandon plans on expanding The Black Burdell to Dallas and continuously growing his brands while collaborating with as many people as possible in Dallas.

“I think Dallas is a place that’s really unique. Even though it’s an established city, it’s still kind of young, it’s growing. I feel like the younger generation, we’re all trying to make it to the next level, trying to be that go-to person in Dallas. Which is great, because it makes it kind of a rich city and culture.”

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