Fitt 33: Stay fit this holiday season with our Holiday Hustle Series! – Round 3

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The holidays have arrived and so have the food temptations!

Stay active and on track with our Holiday Hustle Series: workout routines that can be done in the comfort of your own home, hotel room or during break time at work! Here we go!

Round 3

– Box squats – Grab a chair! Place your feet shoulder width apart with heels and toes facing forward. Tighten your core and lower into a squat keeping your back straight.


– Squat to lunge – These help tone your legs and glutes. Remember, keep your knees behind your toes with your back straight to avoid injuries. Your core is definitely important here, so keep it tight!


– Jump squat from the chair – A great way to get a little cardio in along with this toning workout. This exercise will get your legs burning for sure!

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