Fitt 33: Stay fit this holiday season with our Holiday Hustle Series! – PART 2

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The holidays are in full swing, meaning unhealthy food temptations galore!

Don’t get off track! Stay active with our Holiday Hustle Series – PART 2:  workout routines that can be done in the comfort of your own home, hotel room or during break time at work!

This round involves partners, so grab your family and friends and hustle for that muscle!

Burpee Medball Tosses

Grab medball and some friends! Stand in the form of a box and toss the medball to the person across from you. Then do a burpee! It’s last man standing so continue the exercise until the last person taps out.

Kettlebell Wave

Grab a kettlebell and stand in a line with your partners. Swing your kettlebell above your head. Once your partner’s bell is lowered, the next person swings their bell. Continue the wave until it’s the last man standing.

Burpees and Planks

You or your partner set into a plank, while the other jumps over and does burpees. Switch after you’ve done as many as you can do.

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