Fitt 33: Fitness essentials for getting on it!

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Although the school supplies and uniforms are purchased, what about YOUR back to school essentials?

As we swing into the stresses of school schedules, homework & extra curricular activities, we like to focus on the positive. Set schedules mean you know when you’ll be busy and when you’re free. Preparing to win with the time you do have available is the key to success.

Lets talk getting the right essentials.


Hydration is top priority. Finding a water bottle to have with you at all times is key. Get one that stands out to you and fill it every morning. Try adding fruits and fresh mint to keep it tasty.


Shoes! Do your research and focus on functional workout shoes. This means forget the cool colors and styles and consider which would be best for your feet, frame and activity. Not all shoes are created equal!


When we think of “getting on it,” we automatically jump in and hit the treadmill or weights hard. However, consider this: your body and mind may not be ready! Many of us lead sedentary lives sitting at a desk for 8+ hours and struggle with other issues.

Some of the essentials needed for a healthier life have nothing to do with workout machines and everything to do with taking care of our bodies. We can achieve better results all around by committing to foam rolling, stretching, visiting a chiropractor, massage therapist or even setting an appointment with a psychologist.

Consider these tips and take what works for you!

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