Dallas: The New Hollywood Filming Destination?

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DALLAS—Lights, camera, action! It’s been a lot of that going on in DFW lately.

“I think it’s pretty cool. It’s a first experience around here for me,” passerby Eric Benitez said.  “I’ve been here for the James Franco filming too.”

The crew filming the JFK movie has wrapped up. But now, Dallas PD was out Tuesday helping direct traffic around the USA Network’s Queen of the South.

“Right now, we’re working on locking down the streets,” Kenny Edwards said.  “Later on in the day, we’re actually going to go to a second unit.  We’re going to crash some cars and have some fun.”



“I’m excited because nothing this big ever happens in Dallas,” actor Armando Quinones said.

What makes these big pictures want to come to Big D?

“They chose Dallas mainly due to the scenery around the area,” Edwards said.

“They can find small towns, obviously they can find larger urban areas. We’ve got some more shows coming,” Film Commissioner Janis Burklund said.

The filmmakers will get a few more perks if the story line is based in Dallas, too.

“I worked on three seasons of Dallas for TNT, as well. The more we can show our city, the more we can show what our crews here can do, the more Hollywood’s starting to listen,” Edwards said.  “They are starting to listen, a little bit. Now, if we can get our incentives up with everyone else.”

That’s what the Dallas Film Commission is trying to change.

“It is a very good incentive program. We could do a little bit better in the State of Texas. We don’t have as much money in the coffers as we would hope," Burklund explained. "The State Legislature in the last session cut that by about two-thirds, so we’re hopeful in the next session that they’ll see the benefits we’ve gotten. We need to put some more money back in there.”

“For the last several years, we have been averaging right around $200 million in economic impact from film and television industry every year, and that is probably only the tip of the iceberg.”

“I manage a hotel nearby and it’s always good to have things going on downtown,” Andrew Howland said.

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