DFW woman live streams her breast implant surgery

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DALLAS — We want to keep you abreast of something unique happening, and we`re not talking about National Fajita Day or the next eclipse.

“I`m going to get a breast augmentation but not just that, we`re going to stream it live on Dr. Khan`s Instagram Page!” says Ashley Devonna.

You heard her right — live streaming her boob job! There’s a first for everything!

WATCH: Facebook Video of Ashley’s Breast Augmentation Surgery

“We will be doing the 24-hour recovery breast augmentation,” says Board Certified Plastic Surgeon, Dr. Farah Khan. That means she’ll be able to bust a move or go about her normal routine later that night.

“This is something I`ve always wanted,” says Devonna, “and I`ve talked to my parents about it.”

But why stream it you ask?

“Nowadays we live our lives on social media,” says Dr. Khan, “and I think especially the younger generation that`s how they communicate and they want to be open with their friends, their family, their followers.”

And that`s certainly true for Devonna who makes a living talking beauty and lifestyle with her more than 220,000 followers on youtube.

“You get to see the real side of people,” says Devonna, “I`m very open with my audience, I have vlogs or video blogs.”

And for all the haters…

“I`m very open to everyone`s opinion of me and my decision because in the most polite way because the only opinions that affect me are the ones that I care about,” Devonna says.

“Friday it is a new experience it isn’t necessarily as I said for everyone but for her this is the right thing to do. If you`ve ever wondered what goes on behind the scenes in an operating room this is kind of your opportunity,” says Dr. Khan.

Tune into Ashley’s Instagram or Facebook for the live feed at 8:30 a.m., then catch the recap here on NewsFix Friday at 5 and 9.

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