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DALLAS — If you lived in the Metroplex in the ’70’s and ’80’s, you probably remember a radio station called KZEW, aka The Zoo.  It first hit Dallas airwaves in 1973.

“It found a toehold with Dallas listeners,” said George Gimarc, who was part of that Zoo crew, “becoming the dominant rock station in Dallas in the ’70’s and ’80’s.”

But when the ’80’s ended, so did KZEW.

That is, until now!

John Ritchie, the CEO of a streaming company called Vokal Media, has teamed up with Gimarc to bring it back.

“[Gimarc] says I was the one dumb enough to say ‘Let’s bring back The Zoo,'” Ritchie said.  “And he’s the one that’s crazy enough to say ‘Why not!'”

“It’s a reimagined Zoo,” said Gimarc.  “So it’s familiar, but it’s also new.”

The new Zoo will stream online through Vokal’s website and app, and hopes to create a whole new generation of Zoo Freaks.

“There’s a lot of people that are gonna be in their 20’s and 30’s discovering a lot of music from the ’70’s and ’80’s on The Zoo,” Gimarc told NewsFix. “But it’s not a nostalgia trip, it’s just great music.  We don’t have to play the hits to meet a bottom line to maximize an audience.  We can actually afford to have fun.”

That fun begins in full on Friday, when The Zoo goes online, at  Until then, a “soft-open” preview will be running.

“And you will hear people on the air who have not been on the air for 30 years,” Gimarc said. “And they’re back.  Deja Zoo, baby!”