Creepy! Spiders Spin Massive Web in Rowlett

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ROWLETT, TX — This might be the creepiest thing you see all week! Thousands of spiders have taken to the trees at Lakeside Park in Rowlett. Yeah, these eight-legged hunters have set up massive spider webs over an area about the size of a football field.

So, what’s behind this arachnid alliance?

“Most spiders are considered individuals, but this is a unique science phenomenon,” said Janet Hurley with Texas A&M AgriLife in Dallas. “What they’re doing is taking advantage of all the moisture that we’ve had in the air, the abundance of midges coming off of the lake and working together to deliver this huge web so that they can get their nutrients from the bugs!”

That’s right. These spiders are organized.

But, while it may look like Halloween came early this year, beneath it all is a super-rare event that’s worth checking out!

“This is not something that happens very often. Literally, entomologists from around the world were looking at us saying wow, this is pretty cool,” said Hurley.

“You’re looking for something good to do this weekend? Hey, go out to the lake and check out the huge spider web!”

Yeahhh... maybe not the best first date idea. But hey, on the bright side, all the mosquitoes and midges should be taken care of!

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