Watch this woman stop koalas from fighting in the road

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VICTORIA, Australia – An Australian woman’s reaction to two koalas brawling in the middle of a busy road will take you right back to your childhood days and hearing your mom say, “I will pull over and stop this car right now if you didn’t stop that fighting” — because that’s exactly what this lady did.

Sharon Brecely was driving June 22 near Portland, Victoria, when she spotted two koalas fighting in the center of the highway — right in the path of an approaching 18-wheeler.

So she stopped, no doubt out of compassion for the animals and concern for their safety. And she also decided to capture the wildlife moment on a cell phone camera.

In the video, Brecely starts out friendly enough, telling the pair, “You’re in the middle of the road, guys!”

But they are very busy with the marsupial version of WWE.

So then she tries her stern schoolteacher voice, saying, “Guys, come on! Shoo! Shoo! Shoo!” but to no avail.

You can see Brecely’s shadow as she waves her arms at the oncoming truck, which does safely move over to the other side of the road to pass by.

All the while, Brecely’s repeatedly yelling at the koalas to, “Come on! Quick, quick, quick! Off the road! Off the road! Come on!!”

And the koalas really do sound like small children squealing and fighting.

As she yells, “Run run run run run! Go on!! Move!!!” they just sit there. Not even fighting at this point.

“MOVE!!” Brecely yells in a much angrier tone now. “Aaagh! Stupid bears!” (No letters, please. We know they are not bears. Let’s let her have this.)

And she has HAD IT.

You can hear a car door open and close as Brecely apparently gets a piece of fabric or clothing to help encourage the quarreling troublemakers to take it somewhere safer.

But, of course, they still aren’t listening and she still has to keep yelling, because how many times did your mother have to yell at you? And no one cares if your brother started it — trust me.

“Get off!”

“Get. Off. The. Road!”


Finally, they tire of her swinging a piece of clothing at them and begin to consider the side of the road.

“Get off, go on. Quick! Off! Off! Off!”

After enough flinging of the fabric, they decide to go anywhere she isn’t.

Brecely is nearly out of breath at this point. “Off. Off. Off. Off the road, you stupid animals!”

Okay, they have that coming because they are now responsible for a whole new kind of road rage.

Alas, they tire of her her yelling — they can get that at home, right? — and begin to head for cover.

One koala kind of stops and lollygags, though, in case she’s kidding. Uh, she’s not — so it skedaddles on into the brush to think about making better decisions next time (we’re just guessing).

“My concern was to get them off the road as it is a busy log truck route,” Brecely told Storyful.

Job well done, Sharon Brecely! She even thanked the ‘truckie’ in a Facebook post.

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