DALLAS (KDAF) — “You’re capable of so much,” Emilee Sanchez said with passion in her voice, as she talked about her journey and what led her to where she is today.

From being an activist in her community to being a student at Texas Christian University where she is part of the Sigma Lambda Alpha Chapter and now, she can place holding title of Miss Dallas Latina 2023 on her list.

Miss Dallas Latina 2023
Miss Dallas Latina 2023 – Emilee Sanchez

A simple post would open doors for Emilee as well as bring more recognition to the continuous work that she was putting into her community. ” I believe my inspirement at first came from just coming across this one post on Instagram. That said, do you want to be the next model? But not just a model, a role model in your community,” she continued. ” I felt like that resonated with me so much given that I am in a Latina-based sorority, Sigma Lambda Alpha.”

Emilee says that seeing the work that her soror had put in who represented Fort Worth last year, really inspired her to want to join the pageant. And, so she did. “Given the fact that I’m also a leader, and I feel like a leader for my community. Here in Dallas…. it just felt like it was given.”

Miss Dallas Latina 2023 – Emilee Sanchez

Having zero experience in pageantry didn’t deter Emilee from wanting to try something new. “Just a little about my background, I had zero modeling experience and didn’t know what I was getting myself into. But beauty doesn’t just come from the external but also the internal and everything that you do. So it inspired me to become Miss Dallas Latina 2023.”

Just like how she was inspired by her soror, Sanchez hopes to be able to be an inspiration to other women and girls in her community. “It all starts just by taking the first step. Showing up. I think there are a lot of things that you want to like, know about and be prepared for, but sometimes life just catches you unprepared… There were times that I didn’t know what I was doing, but I knew that I wanted to influence someone and impact someone and inspire them,” she said.

Miss Dallas Latina 2023 – Emilee Sanchez

Emilee credits her support system and her community for getting her where she is today. It all started with the different experiences and support that she had in her journey that led her to where she is.

” I feel like those experiences are the ones that are the most valuable, that can influence you so much. And to those little girls that are so indecisive about whether or not to take a position in pageantry, I think you should just go for it,” she continued.

“If you feel like you are a leader for your community, you’re doing volunteer service, you’re representing your culture and you listen to all of this rich music and you try all of this food that you resonate with? I think that’s what speaks up to you when you find your passion.”

It doesn’t end here, Sanchez hopes to continue spreading her skills in pursuing her career in the entrepreneurial and construction industry.