DALLAS (KDAF) — It all started with a vision and a need for Vanessa Luna.

The CEO and founder of DFW Latina Society noticed that there was a need for space and created one. Luna talked about her organization and how she created a space in order to cater to her community of Latina entrepreneurs with CW33 Digital.

DFW Latina Society is a community that brings together Latina entrepreneurs in the DFW, making connections. Professional networking, the idea is for them to make the connections and grow their business,” the CEO said.

It all started when Luna was looking for networking space in various jobs and realized that there wasn’t a space for other like-minded Latinas to network looking to build their brand. “I often would go to networking events, just in the various jobs that I’ve had in the past…I would find a lot of opportunities, and so often time at these networking events, I wouldn’t see as many Latinas there as I would have liked,” she said.

Vanessa Luna is also a digital creator, influencer and entrepreneur. She wanted to use her skills to create and expand while also bringing together other like-minded individuals who also wanted to do the same.

“I just wanted to see more. There needed to be more representation and so… I decided to start professional networking events here in DFW,” Luna said.

The events are described as being fun but still with an agenda to network and change lives. “So, all of the events they’re fun, they’re social, there’s definitely an agenda. I can’t tell you how many networking events I’ve gone to where there’s no agenda. You just show up and it’s up to you to meet as many people as you can,” she continued. “Whereas our networking events, it’s very intentional, very purposeful…. like, we are encouraging people to meet as many people as you can. So that you leave with the value knowing that you met as many people as you could if not everybody that was there at the event.”

During Hispanic Heritage Month, Luna said the best way for those to support is to be an ally and support Latino-owned businesses — small businesses especially.

“What I like to try to emphasize, and other people do this as well, is you know, finding those allies. Those people that are going to support us. If there’s one month out of the year that you can support Latino-based companies, businesses, small businesses especially; It would be this month,” she said.

DFW Latina Society has a lot of future events planned like their Happy Hour on Oct. 26 and a Networking and Social event on Nov. 2.

For more information about memberships and events, check out DFW Latina Society’s social media and website.