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Latinidad DFW: Texas Soul Beats is taking their music to Facebook Live

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“I was actually the one who wanted a guitar for Christmas…and I got it!”

You might say Kelly Martinez was the one that sparked a musical fire that eventually became Texas Soul Beats. The band consists of older sister and brother, Kelly and Houston – and younger brother and sister, Justin and Kylie.

“I focus on guitar. Every now and then I used play bass or drums, we’d switch around for funsies,” says Houston.

I paid them a visit one Saturday morning and got my own private mini-concert. Kelly was on keyboard and the main singer of the group, Houston was on guitar (but for the last song he took over the vocals), Justin played bass and the littlest one, Kylie, was on drums.

Now you’re probably wondering who their parents are to have such musically talented children, but according to Houston, “my parents are not musical at all.”

So where does all this talent come from? Kelly and Houston chalk it up to hard work and perseverance.

Their catalogue consists of all types of genres, from r&b to rock to country to Tejano and Cumbia music. Texas Soul Beats are currently a cover band but they are working on original music and want to put out a full album in the future.

It can be quite the juggling act since Kelly is in her 3rd year at UTA and Houston just started at A&M but they do plan on practicing in-between studies and on weekends.

Like all of us, Texas Soul Beats has taken a hit from the pandemic. Kelly and Houston told me about how they miss performing for a live audience and being able to talk to people after their shows. However, they quickly pivoted and started doing live shows…on Facebook!

“People really seem to like it,” says Kelly, “and our Facebook page has grown a lot too, which we did not expect at all.”

Until they can get back on the road, you can check out Texas Soul Beats and their live backyard concerts over on their Facebook page.

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