Latinidad DFW: Pepe Serna and Hispanic culture in Hollywood

Hispanic Heritage Month

Pepe Serna has over 100 film credits and has also performed on the stage and television as well, so naturally, the term ‘actor’ might sum him up well, but not completely. Serna is also an outspoken activist and advocate for recognizing Hispanic culture and history in America, especially in Hollywood.

“More and more now, because you hear of diversity, but when they talk about diversity, they’re only talking usually about black and white” says Serna. He references his home state of California, saying the state is home to the 2nd largest population of over 30 different countries.

While advocating for more recognition for Hispanics, he still sees the state and country as a true melting pot saying “whatever culture we are, whatever religion, any of that, but our brains have no color, gender, anything, we can be and do anything we want.”

Looking back at his career in Hollywood, Serna can see the changes that have happened and the changes that still need to take place. He says many roles that have historically been available to Hispanics in Hollywood were playing gang members, ‘cholos’, or were violent roles.

“The older you get, the more you want to show the power of the culture, and the beauty of it,” says Serna, “and that’s the shame, the world is missing out on all these different spices and flavors that we all have to offer.”

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