Latinidad DFW: How El Palote made traditional Mexican food vegan and brought it into a skeptical community

Hispanic Heritage Month

El Palote’s food looks decadent because, well, it is. But when they first started, the community and neighborhood were skeptical. These are traditional foods, after all, why tamper with them?

Instead of fancy signs or trying to hide it, they took a simpler approach to get people on board: by talking to them.

The first bite is usually what seals the deal, however.

“They can’t believe it when they see it,” says Lily Arias, one of the owners of El Palote Panaderia, “they say it’s not vegan because it’s so similar, it looks just like our traditional Mexican cuisine.”

Now, people in Dallas won’t be the only ones that get to be amazed. El Palote os teaming up with a company that will make their foods available nationwide.

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