Former President Trump hosted a prominent QAnon and Pizzagate conspiracy theorist at his Mar-A-Lago club in Florida on Tuesday night, just two weeks after his much-criticized dinner with Ye and white supremacist Nick Fuentes.

Liz Crokin, a former journalist and celebrity gossip writer now associated with far-right conspiracy theories, spoke at a fundraiser intended to combat child trafficking, according to posts on her Telegram account.

At the event, Crokin said she discussed Pizzagate, a debunked conspiracy theory suggesting Hillary and Bill Clinton and other political elites run a child sex trafficking ring at a pizza shop in Washington.

She also discussed the fashion company Balenciaga, which has recently taken heat for a photo campaign featuring children and plush bears with BDSM accessories.

Trump, who last month declared himself a 2024 presidential candidate, made an appearance at the event.

“You are incredible people and doing unbelievable work,” he said in a video shared by Crokin. “We just appreciate you being here and I hope you’re going to be back.”

The Hill has reached out to the Trump campaign for comment.

Trump received backlash, including from high-ranking Republicans, for dining with Ye, the rapper formerly known as Kanye West, along with Fuentes at his Florida club last month.

Ye recently praised Hitler and Nazis after making multiple rounds of antisemitic comments and social media posts over the fall. Fuentes is a known white nationalist and Holocaust denier who has been condemned for racist and vitriolic remarks.

Crokin is an early embracer of the QAnon conspiracy theory, which alleges the world is run by a shadowy cabal of Satan-worshipping pedophiles and that Trump is the only one who can stop them.

In 2017, Crokin infamously picked fights with celebrities Chrissy Teigen and John Legend after she suggested the couple was part of the Pizzagate conspiracy.

Crokin, who has been banned from most social media platforms, has more than 100,000 subscribers on her Telegram channel. She is originally from Illinois and began her career as a tabloid journalist.