CW33 Good highlights select local charities in Dallas / Fort Worth with a track record of putting a majority of their annual revenues directly toward the cause vs. other expenses.

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Valor’s purpose is to ensure every American military member is taken through a proper decompression process in order to seamlessly reintegrate with society.

We envision a future where ovarian cancer is considered a chronic disease with lifesaving treatments. Our mission is to increase the survival rate of women battling ovarian cancer and to provide hope for a cure.

A place where homeless men, women and children can receive help and hope during their time of need.

Dallas Hope Charities fulfills the outreach mission and the call for being aware of caring for those in need.

We meet the critical needs of homeless and at-risk children across North Texas by providing necessities including diapers, clothing, school supplies, toys and programs to enhance their lives.

A nonprofit organization that provides hope and healing to youth, frequently in custody of the state as they move from dependent, often abusive, neglected relationships into independent, self-sufficient lifestyles.

The Celebrating Life Foundation is a non-profit organization devoted to making cancer powerless by educating and empowering the African American community, women of color and the medically under-serviced about breast cancer.

Our mission is to build long-term relationships with the homeless and provide the guidance necessary to help them develop sustainable lifestyles with accountability and integrity.

Our mission is to give youth in the juvenile justice system critical job, social, and life skills needed to break the cycle of incarceration and create positive futures.

Providing hope and happiness by creating beautiful memories for families of children with life-altering or life-threatening conditions.

Vogel Alcove is a non-profit organization on a mission to help young children overcome the lasting and traumatic effects of homelessness.

SOH hopes to prevent the dismal future that statistical data suggests if children fail to achieve academically. Combining our passion to invest in young people with the support of our communities will make all the difference in the lives of our students and give them a chance to beat the odds.

Dedicated to the “overlooked” physically disabled adults, children and Veterans of North Texas. We promote advocacy and independence through educational, recreational and therapeutic programs.

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